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Corsair members are a vibrant and eclectic group, and membership in the Corsair Yacht Club requires a passion for boating and cruising to Catalina Island.  The club holds monthly shore-side brunches or dinners at restaurants/yacht clubs in the Long Beach area, and also schedules 10 cruises to Catalina Island; usually to our facility at Emerald Bay.  A brunch or dinner averages between $35 and $40/person, and cruises average $20/person.  Visitors are always welcome!

Members must annually attend at least three shore-side club brunches or dinners, and three official club cruises in their own boats.  You can read more about the club on our Corsair Story page. 

Currently, our membership fees are $775/year.  There is an application fee of $193.75 and an initiation fee of $193.75.  Applicants that join mid-year have a pro-rated membership fee.

If you are a boater interested in becoming a Corsair member, or would like more information about the club, please contact our Rear Commodore by e-mail to 
(please put Corsair Membership in the subject line of your e-mail).